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  Accadde sotto il letto  


Year: 1961


Running time: 88 min.


Nadja Tiller
Walter Giller
Elke Sommer
Dietmar Schönherr
Loni Heuser
Ljuba Welitsch
Rainer Penkert
Edith Hancke

Written by:
Jacques Deval
Gregor von Rezzori

Directed by:
Ákos Ráthonyi

Produced by:
IFVA (Vaduz)


Fashion model Martine (Nadja Tiller) goes on a luxury cruise to catch herself a millionaire. Thanks to her strikingly elegant wardrobe that she simply „borrowed“ from her boss, nobody realizes that the grand dame is in reality just an impostor. When David Ogden, an eccentric American who made his millions with oatmeal, falls head over heel for her, Martine seems to have reached her dream goal. Too bad, though, that Marine has already lost her heart to stowaway Robert (Walter Giller), who is poor as a church mouse and hiding in her cabin... Light comedy fun with Dietmar Schönherr and Elke Sommer in supporting roles.

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Geliebte Hochstaplerin

Also known as:  

...und wer küsst mich?  
Accadde sotto il letto  
Hochstaplerin, Die  

Geliebte Hochstaplerin  
(Original title)  

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