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Year: 1992
Country: USA
Running time: 92 min.


Johnny Legend
Garrett Morris
Billy Morrissette
Elke Sommer
Roger Perkovich
Oliver Reed
Bekki Vallin
Denise Wallace

Written by:
John D. Brancato
David Casci

Directed by:
Damon Santostefano

Produced by:
Columbia Pictures Corporation


A young scientist is trying to carry on his dead father's work on limb regeneration. His overbearing mother has convinced him that he murdered his own father and is monitoring his progress for her own evil purposes.A young doctor uses reptilian DNA he extracts from a large creature and when his arm is ripped off, he injects himself with his formula and grows a new murderous arm...

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Severed Ties

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Thing - Gene außer Kontrolle, The  

Severed Ties  
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