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  (Original title) Auf Wiedersehn  


Year: 1961
Country: Germany
Länge: 98 min.


Gert Fröbe
Joachim Fuchsberger
Günter Pfitzmann
Werner Peters
Elke Sommer
Margot Eskens
Heinz Weiss
Kurd Pieritz
Peter Capell
Fritz Tillmann
Stanislav Ledinek
Louis Armstrong

Written by: Fred Denger
Directed by: Harald Philipp

Produced by:
Alfa Film


During World War II, three German Secret Service Agents are sent to the United States to plant a bomb in an aircraft. Although they are just enjoying themselves, the FBI starts to hunt them down.

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Auf Wiedersehn

Also known as:  
Drei gegen Amerika  

Auf Wiedersehn  
(Original title)  

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