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  Café Oriental  


Year: 1962
Country: Deutschland
Running time: 95 min.


Elke Sommer
Jerome Courtland
Trude Herr
Bill Ramsey
Walter Gross
Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann
Barbara Saade
Jonny Buchardt
Jean Thomé
Bruno Fritz
Claus Wilcke
Klaus Dahlen

Written by: Janne Furch
Directed by: Rudolf Schündler

Produced by:
Alfa Film


Sylvia (Elke Sommer), who studies classical music and is the daughter of music professor Marhold, inherits together with a group of friends the Café Allotria. As it appears, the owner, Mr. Brösel, died during a hike in the mountains. However, the inheritance proves to be tricky – soon the sheriff stands at the door. Sylvia and her friends want to do everything in their power to continue running the „Allotria“. So it comes in handy that the young student has secretly begun to write her own songs...

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