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(Original title)   Carry on Behind  


Year: 1975
Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 90 min.


Elke Sommer
Kenneth Williams
Bernard Bresslaw
Kenneth Connor
Jack Douglas
Joan Sims
Windsor Davies
Peter Butterworth
Liz Fraser
Patsy Rowlands
Ian Lavender
Adrienne Posta
Patricia Franklin
Donald Hewlett
Carol Hawkins

Written by:
Dave Freeman

Directed by:
Gerald Thomas

Produced by:
The Rank Organisation


Professor Roland Crump (Williams) takes Russian Professor Vooshka (Sommer) on an archeological expedition to find Roman remains on a caravan site, Major Leep (Connor), the pompous owner of the caravan site. Professor Vooshka has much difficulty getting her tongue around various English words and phrases causing Crump much embarrassment. Leep variously tries to improve the site and organise a social evening with dancing. Thanks to the ineptitude of Barnes and his other workers these attempts fail miserably and Leep is left "feeling a complete arse".

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Carry On Behind

Also known as:  
Alles geht nach hinten los  
Carry on - Alles geht nach hinten los  
total verrückte Mumienschreck, Der  

Carry On Behind  
(Original title)  

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