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Year: 1984
Country: South Africa/Germany
Running Time: 94 min.


Howard Carpendale
Zoli Marki
Elke Sommer
Jana Cilliers
Fiona Ramsey
Siegfried Rauch
James Ryan
Dieter Weidenfeld
Norby Clarke
John Leslie

Written by: Scott Finch
Directed by: Jans Rautenbach
Produced by: Roxy Film


In this film set in South Africa, young Suzy (Zoli Marki) is forced into prostitution and made to work for an obsessively protective madam. Suzy eventually escapes her captors and gets a fresh start with veterinarian Steve (Howard Carpendale), but her new life takes a terrible turn when her former boss finds her. Traumatized by the encounter, Suzy flees and Steve jumps into action. Elke Sommer -- in a memorable turn -- and James Ryan also star.

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Also known as:  
Niemand weint für immer  
Death Threat  

No One Cries Forever  
(Original title)  

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