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  De Quoi Tu Te Meles  


Year: 1961
Country: France, Germany
Running Time: 90 min.


Elke Sommer
Ivan Desny
Helmut Schmid
Käthe Haack
Danik Patisson
Romana Rombach
Claire Maurier
René Dary
Brigitte Banz
Françoise Alban
Jean-Louis Boucher
Albert Dinan
André Dumas
Paulette Frantz

Written by:
Grisha Dabat, Walter Ebert

Directed by:
Max Pécas

Produced by:
Paris Interproductions (PIP)


Starring the original sex kitten Elke Sommer, DE QUOI TU TE MELES is Elke's last French film before beginning her American career.

Daniella (Elke Sommer), a beautiful young French model, leaves for Rome with a contract from its leading fashion house. In no time she meets the finest of Roman society... and becomes embroiled in a murderous spy plot.

DE QUOI TU TE MELES is notable for its famous nude scene of Elke, its climax atop the roof of the Musee d'Orsay, and a scintillating score by music great Charles Aznavour.

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Also known as:  
Zarte Haut in schwarzer Seide  
(Original Title)  

Daniella, Criminal Strip-Tease  
De quoi tu te mêles  
Daniella By Night  

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