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  Death Stone  


Year: 1987
Country: Germany, Sri Lanka
Running Time: 93 min.


Birte Berg
Serge Falck
Albert Fortell
Brad Harris
Tony Kendall
Christian Anders
Elke Sommer
Heather Thomas
Siegfried Rauch

Written by:
Werner Hauff
Heinz-Werner John

Directed by:
Franz Josef Gottlieb

Produced by:
Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR)


Eurocentric arrogance prompts all the people who handle and acquire a strange Ceylonese curio to dismiss the legend surrounding it, which is that it is a death stone, and holding it presages an early demise. The first to discover it is Jane, who is the fiance of an architect. When she is killed in a run-in with some drug dealers, her fiancee goes on the rampage, dealing out plenty of lethal martial arts kicks and blows and setting up the villains for some serious revenge while the Ceylonese locals celebrate their colorful festivals.

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Also known as:  

Der Stein des Todes  
Original Title  

Kiss of the Cobra  
Death Stone  

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