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(Original title)   Der Mann im Pyjama  


Year: 1981

Country: Germany

Running time: 95 min.


Otto Sander
Elke Sommer
Peter Fitz
Hermann Lause
Erich Schwarz
Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Karl Heinz Vosgerau
Günther Kieslich
Ute Koska
Pit Krüger
Kurt Zips

Written by:
Christian Rateuke
Hartmann Schmige

Directed by:
Christian Rateuke
Hartmann Schmige

Produced by:
Rialto Film


One night, when he has run out of cigarettes, Rudi from Berlin decides to walk to the next vending machine - in his pajamas and bathrobe. Due to coincidences and cases of mistaken identity he finds himself in a whirlwind of events that become increasingly chaotic. As everyone thinks he is responsible for the mayhem, they are chasing him through Berlin: a jealous husband, a cab driver, the Police…

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