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  Don't Bother To Knock  


Year: 1961
Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 89 min.


Richard Todd
Nicole Maurey
Elke Sommer
June Thorburn
Rik Battaglia
Judith Anderson
Dawn Beret
Scott Finch
Eleanor Summerfield
John Le Mesurier
Colin Gordon
Kenneth Fortescue
Ronald Fraser
Tommy Duggan
Michael Shepley

Written by:
Denis Cannan
Frederic Gotfurt

Directed by:
Cyril Frankel

Produced by:
Haileywood Productions


In this British bedroom farce, Bill Ferguson (Richard Todd), a Scottish travel agent, has a major row with his fiancée Stella (June Thorburn) shortly before leaving for a jaunt through Europe. Considering himself free to do as he pleases, Bill gives keys to his Edinburgh apartment to a number of beautiful women, inviting them to drop by if they happen to be in the neighborhood. When he comes home, Bill and Stella patch things up, which leaves him with a lot of explaining to do when a bevy of curvaceous females from across the continent begin appearing at their doorstep, including Ingrid (Elke Sommer) and Lucille (Nicole Maurey).

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Don't Bother To Knock

Also known as:  

Why Bother To Knock  
Original Title  

Herein, ohne anzuklopfen  
Don't Bother to Knock  

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