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  El diablo se lleva a los muertos  



Germany, Italy, Spain

Running Time:
92 min.


Telly Savalas
Elke Sommer
Sylva Koscina
Alessio Orano
Gabriele Tinti
Kathy Leone
Eduardo Fajardo
Carmen Silva
Franz von Treuberg
Espartaco Santoni
Alida Valli
Robert Alda

Written by:
Mario Bava, Alberto Cittini

Directed by:
Mario Bava, Alfredo Leone

Produced by:
Euro America Produzioni


While visiting Toledo, Spain, American tourist Lisa Reiner (Elke Sommer) experiences a feeling of deja vu when she sees an ancient mural of the Devil carrying away the dead. Hearing a familiar melody, she wanders away from her companions into a series of encounters with men who inexplicably recognize her from a past life. Hopelessly lost as night falls, Lisa begs a ride from a passing Packard, which breaks down outside a mansion where a young man (Alessio Orano) lives with his blind mother (Alida Valli) and a charming butler (Telly Savalas), who just happens to resemble the Devil from the mural! After a night of murder, necrophilia and horrific revelations, Lisa comes face-to-face with the secrets of her past identity and her connection to the bizarre rituals she has witnessed.

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Also known as:  

La casa dell'esorcismo  
Original Title  

Teuflische, Der  
El diablo se lleva a los muertos  
Il diavolo e i morti  
Lisa and the Devil  
Lisa e il diavolo  
Devil in the House of Exorcism, The  
House of Exorcism, The  
Lisa und der Teufel  
Devil and the Dead, The  

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