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  El extraño caso de Lucy Cornell  


Year: 1965
Country: Germany/Spain
Running Time: 95 min.


Joachim Fuchsberger
Karin Dor
Frank Latimore
Hans Nielsen
Wolfgang Kieling
Renate Ewert
Claus Biederstaedt
Elke Sommer

Written by:
José María Alonso Pesquera
Adolfo Aznar

Directed by:
Eberhard Itzenplitz

Produced by:


London newspaper journalist Barney Blair finds the dead body of a hotel detective in his office. He begins to investigate in and around the hotel in San Remo, which is fully booked because of the annual pop festival, and in doing so he gets deeper and deeper involved in strange events and conspiracies. When a second murder occurs, Inspector Forbesa begins with his investigations. At first there are no hints but ultimately he sets a trap for the murderer ...

Hotel der toten Gäste
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Das Hotel der toten Gäste

Also known as:  

Hotel der toten Gäste, Das  
(Original title)  

El enigma de los Cornell  
El extraño caso de Lucy Cornell  

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