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(Original title)   Exit Sunset Boulevard  


Year: 1980
Country: Germany
Running time: 94 min.


Elke Sommer

Written by: Bastian Clevé
Directed by: Bastian Clevé

Produced by:
Bastian Clevé


Elke Sommer plays the lead in this experimental movie by director Bastian Cleve. A young German man arrives in Hollywood to conduct an interview with Elke Sommer. He roller-skates along the beach and tries – in vain – to hook up with an African American woman. From Death Valley, he calls his family in Germany and tells them that he will not come back home. The experiences he makes from this point forward are often shown in a surrealistic way as the dark reality of life in Southern California stands in sharp contrast to the often exotic images that everybody knows from movies and television.

Exit Sunset Boulevard
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