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  Forty Million Bucks  


Year: 1979
Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 88 min.


Rod Taylor
Stuart Whitman
Elke Sommer
Jeremy Kemp
Bob Phillips
Jennie Sherman
Keenan Wynn
Keith Foote
Dan Jackson
Patrick Wymore

Written by:
Walter Brough, Rod Taylor

Directed by:
Henry Levin

Produced by:
Halart Productions


For centuries, the treasure of Morgan the Pirate has been resting somewhere beneath the waters of the Carribean. Diver Taylor goes after it, hoping to beat his rivals Stuart Whitman, Elke Sommer and Jeremy Kemp to the punch. All four adventurers must contend with a few scurvy criminal types. Keenan Wynn also shows up as the gloriously yclept "Meat Cleaver Stewart."

Filmed in the early 1970s, the movie underwent several title and distributor changes before it was released in 1979 as The Treasure Seekers.

The Treasure Seekers
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Also known as:  

Treasure Seekers, The  
(Original Title)  

Forty Million Bucks  
On a Dead Man's Chest  
Jamaican Gold  
Schatz in der Tiefe  
Vierzig Millionen Dollar  

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