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(Original title)   Himmelsheim  


Year: 1989
Country: Germany
Running time: 89 min.


Elke Sommer
Dieter Augustin
Manuela Beutelhauser
Günter Brombacher
Carmen Eckhardt
Annette Favery
Irma Goerlich
Oliver Karbus
Sofie Keeser
Dieter Kohl
Tilly Lauenstein
Georg Messingschlager
Theo Messingschlager

Written by: Fitzgerald Kusz
Directed by: Manfred Stelzer

Produced by:
Journal Filmproduktion


Himmelsheim, a small village in Upper Franconia is disturbed in its “heavenly peace”: excavators and trucks are roaring through the narrow streets. The German Railway decides to build in the immediate neighborhood a tunnel for high-velocity trains. Where there were yesterday the cherry trees of farmer Münzel, there are today construction teams and demolition squads, eager to turn the landscape of the Franconian mountains upside down. Safe to say that the local citizens won’t accept this without a fight! During the night, they surreptitiously move the landmark stones – but this is only the tender beginning of their resistance. Comedy in Franconian dialect.

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Also known as:  

Himmelsheim / F13  

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