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  Howlers of the Dock  


Year: 1960
Country: Italy
Running Time: 83 min.


Adriano Celentano
Joe Sentieri
Elke Sommer
Chet Baker
Giacomo Furia
Giuliano Mancini
Turi Pandolfini
Mario Carotenuto
Nico Pepe
Jocelyn Lane
Elisabetta Velinska

Written by: Giovanni Addessi
Directed by: Lucio Fulci

Produced by:
Era Cinématografica


This characteristically delirious rock 'n' roll film - with Elke Sommer in one of her first roles - deals with the reactions which a group of rock-crazed youths inspire from the older generation. Some complain, some threaten legal action, and one blue-jeans company attempts to exploit the kids for personal gain. Everything ends up happily, though, with the old folks joining the kids in a jitterbugging finale that's sure to make modern viewers wonder why rock 'n' roll ever became popular. Plenty of action and music with pop stars Adriano Celentano and Mina, jazz legend Chet Baker.

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Howlers on the Dock

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Metti, Celentano e Mina  
Howlers of the Dock USA  

Urlatori alla Sbarra  
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