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  I vincitori  


Year: 1963
Country: USA
Running time: 175 min.


Vince Edwards
Albert Finney
George Hamilton
Melina Mercouri
Jeanne Moreau
George Peppard
Maurice Ronet
Rosanna Schiaffino
Romy Schneider
Elke Sommer
Eli Wallach
Michael Callan
Peter Fonda
James Mitchum
Senta Berger

Written by:
Alexander Baron
Carl Foreman

Directed by:
Carl Foreman

Produced by:
Columbia Pictures Corporation


An epic and unusual anti-war drama about WWII, writer-director Carl Foreman's heavily ironic saga is loosely based on the novel The Human Kind by Alexander Baron. It follows the adventures of an American infantry platoon based in Sicily that participates in the invasion of France, marches into Germany, and remains there for the Allied post-war occupation. Interspersed during the nearly three-hour film are vignettes of silly newsreel scenes from the home front. These are contrasted with disturbing incidents from the war. George Peppard plays Corporal Chase, who has an affair with a woman who wants him to desert to help her run a black market business. He visits the wounded Sergeant Craig (Eli Wallach) in the hospital and finds that most of his face has been blown away. Sgt. Trower (George Hamilton) takes up with a woman who turns out to be a prostitute

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Also known as:  

Sieger, Die  
I vincitori  
Les vainqueurs  

Victors, The  
(Original title)  

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