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  Il diavolo che uccide così?  


Year: 1959
Country: Germany
Running Time: 88 min.


Mario Adorf
Christian Wolff
Gert Fröbe
Corny Collins
Elke Sommer
Claus Wilcke
Ernst Jacobi
Gert Günther Hoffmann
Wolf Richards
Uwe Gauditz
Horst Naumann
Hans Zesch-Ballot

Written by:
Will Berthold, Gerd Oswald

Directed by:
Gerd Oswald

Produced by:
Alfa Film


Werner (Mario Adorf), is a rough guy and leader of the Panthers, a gang that commits horrible crimes in the Western part of Berlin. Disaster strikes when Werner cases his next job and Robert (Christian Wolff) decides to leave the gang to start a normal wife with his beautful girlfriend Inge (Corny Collins). All gang members have to participate in the coup which is supposed to be also for Werner the final job he ever wants to pull. Robert goes to the Police and rats on his friends.

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Am Tag, als der Regen kam

Also known as:  

Am Tag, als der Regen kam  
Original Title  

Day the Rains Came, The  
Day It Rained, The  
Il diavolo che uccide così?  
Le gang descend sur la ville  
schwarzen Panther, Die  

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