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  Il viaggio a Vienna  


Year: 1973

Country: Germany

Running time: 103 min.


Elke Sommer
Hannelore Elsner
Mario Adorf
Nicolas Brieger
Heinz Reincke
Michael Janisch
Peter Moland
Helmut Pick
Ferdy Mayne
Fritz Fleck
Jan Meyer
Kurt Weyrauch
Karl Windkäuser

Written by:
Alexander Kluge
Edgar Reitz

Directed by:
Edgar Reitz

Produced by:
Edgar Reitz Film (ERF)


A small town in rural Hunsrück, 1943. While the men are fighting in World War II, Marga (Hannelore Elsner) und Toni (Elke Sommer), two young women, feel as if they were missing the best years of their lives. During a celebration for a fighter pilot, they happen to find a cigar box, which is filled with money. Instinctively, they decide to follow their hearts and travel to Vienna. While cruising through the big city, they experience nothing but disappointment and return home to their village.

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Die Reise nach Wien

Also known as:  

Il viaggio a Vienna  

Reise nach Wien, Die  
(Original title)  

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