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  Intrigo a Taormina  


Year: 1960
Country: Italy
Running time: 95 min.


Ugo Tognazzi
Elke Sommer
Walter Chiari
Sylva Koscina
Gino Cervi
Caprice Chantal
Mario Scaccia
Gisella Sofio
Ivan Desny
Massimo Serato
Belinda Lee
Gabriele Ferzetti
Malo St. George
Gino Bartali

Written by:
O. Biancoli
R. Gianviti

Directed by:
Giorgio Bianchi

Produced by:


A complicated romantic comedy detailing the sexual escapades of a shipful of rich zanies out for a cruise on a millionaire's yacht. The guests include a French businessman, his opera-star wife, his mistress, his wife's lover, a count that the businessman has hired to seduce his wife so that he can obtain a divorce, the millionaire's sweetheart, his son, a gorgeous model hired by the millionaire to spark his son's interest in women, and (of course) a photographer who documents the activities. Eventually the confusion clears, and everyone finds someone to fall in love with.

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  Intrigo a Taormina

Also known as:  

Femmine di lusso  

Intrigo a Taormina  
Love, the Italian Way  

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