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(Original title)   La pica sul Pacifico  


Year: 1959
Country: Italy
Running time: 90 min.


Tina Pica
Memmo Carotenuto
Elke Sommer
Matteo Spinola
Ileana Lauro
Silvio Bagolini
Ugo Tognazzi
Diana Rabito
Giuliano Mancini
Nietta Zocchi

Written by:
Roberto Bianchi Montero
Giulio Scarnicci

Directed by:
Roberto Bianchi Montero

Produced by:


Elke Sommer in one of her first movie roles!

An old lady (Tina Pica) inherits from her husband a small island in the Pacific Ocean and decides to move there. She leaves together with her niece Rossana (Elke Sommer).
However, the natives do not accept Adelaide because she is not married. She chooses an escaped convict as a husband but the would-be groom prefers giving himself up rather than marrying her.

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