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(Original Title)   Las Vegas, 500 Milliones  


Year: 1968


Running Time: 124 min.


Gary Lockwood
Elke Sommer
Lee J. Cobb
Jean Servais
Georges Géret
Jack Palance
Fabrizio Capucci
Roger Hanin
Gustavo Re
Daniel Martín
Maurizio Arena
Enrique Ávila

Written by:
André Lay

Directed by:
Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi

Produced by:
Capitole Films


Gino (Jean Servais) breaks out of jail and visits his friend Tony (Gary Lockwood) with a plan to rob an armored car. Although both men are motivated by greed, Tony says no to the risky proposition. When Gino is killed by some trigger-happy cops, Tony decides to avenge his death by going ahead with the robbery. Tony, a Vegas blackjack dealer, takes up with Ann (Elke Sommer), the private secretary of Shorsky (Lee J. Cobb), the owner of the armored-car company. With the help of some inside information from Ann, Tony and his henchmen pull off the heist, and the car seems to disappear in the desert. Treasury agent Douglas (Jack Palance) is called in to solve the mystery of the vanishing truck. As he closes in, the gang gets nervous when they can't open up the truck and everyone pulls out their guns in an unbridled display of greed and paranoia.

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An Einem Freitag In Las Vegas

Alternative Titel:

Las Vegas, 500 millones  
(Original title)

Les hommes de Las Vegas  
Our Man in Las Vegas  
Radiografia di un colpo d'oro  
They Came to Rob Las Vegas  
An einem Freitag in Las Vegas  

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