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  Left For Dead  


Year: 1978
Country: Canada
Running Time: 88 min.


Elke Sommer
Donald Pilon
Chuck Shamata
George Touliatos
Cindy Girling
George Chuvalo
Cec Linder
Richard Davidson
Miguel Fernandes
Michelle Fansett
Corinna Carlson

Written by: Murray Markowitz
Directed by: Murray Markowitz

Produced by:
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada


In this crime drama, set in 1975 and based on a true story from Toronto, Canada, the different ways in which a prominent realtor (Donald Pilon) may have had his wife (Elke Sommer) brutally murdered are presented.

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Drop dead, Dearest

Also known as:  

I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses  
Original Title  

Left for Dead  
Im Bannkreis des Todes  
Mord, Der  
Drop dead, dearest  

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