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(Original title)   Les Bricoleurs  


Year: 1963
Country: France
Running Time: ?


Francis Blanche
Darry Cowl
Elke Sommer
Jacqueline Maillan
Valérie Lagrange
Rolande Kalis
Claudine Coster
France Anglade

Written by:
Jean Girault, Jacques Vilfrid

Directed by:
Jean Girault

Produced by:
Films EGE


This comedy pokes fun at horror movies as it chronicles the exploits of two clumsy real estate salesmen who try to sell a piece of land that has a corpse upon its premises. Eventually they manage to solve the crime.

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Les Bricoleurs

Also known as:  

Pfuscher, Die  
Who Stole the Body?  

Les bricoleurs  
(Original title)

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