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  Les Corrompus  


Year: 1967


Running Time: 93 min.


Elke Sommer
Robert Stack
Nancy Kwan
Werner Peters
Christian Marquand
Maurizio Arena
Richard Haller
Hans Heyde
Marisa Merlini

Written by:
Harald Bloom, Brian Clemens

Directed by:
James Hill,Frank Winterstein

Produced by:
Central Cinema Company Film


A freelance photographer (Robert Stack) who works in communist China unwittingly gains possession of a priceless cultural treasure.
His find leads him into the arms of two women, one sincere (Elke Sommer) and the other deadly (Nancy Kwan).

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The Corrupt Ones

Also known as:  

Hölle von Macao, Die  
(Original Title)  

Hell to Macao  
Il sigillo di Pechino  
Les corrompus  
Peking Medallion, The  
Corrupt Ones, The  

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