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  Ma il tuo funziona... o no?  


Year: 1974
Country: United Kingdom
Running time: 90 min.


Leigh Lawson
Elke Sommer
Denholm Elliott
Judy Geeson
Harry H. Corbett
Vincent Price
Adrienne Posta
Julie Ege
Barry Humphries
James Booth
Milo O'Shea

Written by:
Sid Colin, Raymond Hitchcock

Directed by:
Ralph Thomas

Produced by:
Welbeck Films Ltd.


"It's not the size that counts" is the US title of "Percy's Progress", the sequel to the 1971 movie "Percy".

In this sequel, Percy, the man with the world's first penis transplant, discovers that there is a chemical in the city's water that makes men impotent.

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Percy's Progress

Also known as:  

Potenzprotz, Der  
It's Not the Size That Counts  
Ma il tuo funziona... o no?  

Percy's Progress  
Original Title

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