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  Minuit sur le grand canal  


Year: 1967

Country: USA

Running time: 89 min.


Robert Vaughn
Elke Sommer
Felicia Farr
Karlheinz Böhm
Luciana Paluzzi
Boris Karloff
Roger C. Carmel
Edward Asner
Joe De Santis
Fabrizio Mioni
Wesley Lau
Bill Weiss

Written by:
Helen MacInnes
E. Jack Neuman

Directed by:
Jerry Thorpe

Produced by:
Jerry Thorpe Productions


After an American diplomat inexplicably explodes a bomb during an international peace conference in Venice, killing himself and everyone in the room, CIA boss Frank Rosenfeld calls ex-agent Bill Fenner in on the case. Fenner is forced to find his ex-wife and save her from the clutches of both the good guys and the bad guys, while still obtaining the Vaugiroud report and uncovering the bombing conspiracy.

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The Venetian Affair

Also known as:  

Minuit sur le grand canal  
Intriga en Venecia  
Mitternacht Canale Grande  
Suspense a Venezia  

Venetian Affair, The  
(Original title)  

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