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  One or the Other  


Year: 1974
Country: Deutschland
Running Time: 105 min.


Klaus Schwarzkopf
Elke Sommer
Jürgen Prochnow
Ulla Jacobsson
Kristina Nel
Anita Kupsch
Berta Drews
Otto Sander
Claus Theo Gärtner
Peter Schiff

Written By:
Horst Otto Oskar Bosetzky
Manfred Purzer

Directed by:
Wolfgang Petersen

Produced by:


The failed student (Jürgen Prochnow) makes ends meet as an academic ghost writer. By accident he discovers that the respected professor of sociology, Rüdiger Kolczyk (Klaus Schwarzkopf), has plagiarized his doctoral dissertation by translating the work of an American scholar. He decides to blackmail Kolczyk and to ask for 10,000 DM and additional monthly payments of 1,500 DM. Kolczyk initially agrees, but vows to Ziegenhals that "only one of us will survive". Looking for a way to fight back, Kolczyk tries to gather information about Ziegenhals from Miezi (Elke Sommer), a prostitute and a housemate and friend of Ziegenhals.

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Einer von uns beiden

Also known as:  

One or the Other  
One or the Other of Us  

Einer von uns beiden  
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