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  Quand l'inspecteur s'emmÍle  


Year: 1964
Country: USA
Running Time: 102 min.


Peter Sellers
Elke Sommer
George Sanders
Herbert Lom
Tracy Reed
Graham Stark
Moira Redmond
Vanda Godsell
Maurice Kaufmann
Ann Lynn
David Lodge
Andrť Maranne

Written by:
Marcel Achard
Harry Kurnitz

Directed by:
Blake Edwards

Produced by:
Geoffrey Productions Inc.


When rich M. Ballon's (George Sanders) spanish driver is found shot dead, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is the first official on the scene. All evidence suggests Maria Gambrelli (Elke Sommer), the maid, to be the murderer. But Clouseau, being attracted to the beautiful girl, is convinced that she is hiding something. So, he has her released from jail and tries to follow her secretly. Things do not work out the way the inspector wanted and people keep being murdered, and each time innocent Maria seems to be the killer ...

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A Shot In The Dark

Also known as:  

Schuss im Dunkeln, Ein  
Quand l'inspecteur s'emmÍle  
Inspector Clouseau -  
Ein Schuss im Dunkeln  

Shot In The Dark, A  
(Original title))  

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