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Year: 1976
Country: Italy
Running time: 94 min.


Ray Lovelock
Martin Balsam
Elke Sommer
Heinz Domez
Ettore Manni
Peter Berling
Riccardo Cucciolla
Ernesto Colli
Dante Cleri
Massimo Ciprari
Francesco D'Adda

Written by:
Peter Berling
Antonio Cucca

Directed by:
Franco Prosperi



Elke Sommer stars next to Ray Lovelock as Massimo, a young undercover cop with a taste for violence and a thirst for revenge! Massimo gets himself arrested and quickly infiltrates the ranks of the underworld figure serving a sentence. Eventually a breakout is planned and Massimo is to be included. Just about as soon as they hit the street an attempt is made on the boss' (Martin Balsam) life. Massimo acts quickly in helping to save him and that's the in he has been waiting for...

Pronto ad Uccidere
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Pronto ad Uccidere

Also known as:  

Alles auf eine Karte  
Tote pflastern seinen Weg  
Meet him and die  

Pronto ad uccidere  
(Original title)  

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