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  (Original title) The Art of Love  


Year: 1965
Country: USA
Running Time: 99 min.


James Garner
Dick Van Dyke
Elke Sommer
Angie Dickinson
Ethel Merman
Carl Reiner
Pierre Olaf
Miiko Taka
Roger C. Carmel
Irving Jacobson
Jay Novello
Naomi Stevens

Written by:
Richard Alan Simmons
William Sackheim

Directed by:
Norman Jewison

Produced by:
Cherokee Productions


Two bohemians come up with a get-rich-quick scheme that goes awray in this comedy scripted by Carl Reiner. Paul (Dick Van Dyke and Casey (James Garner) are two American expatriates living in Paris; Paul is an artist and Casey a writer. Both have been trying to make a career, but with little success; Paul's girlfriend Nikki (Angie Dickinson), who is still in America, believes in his work and pays his rent. But Paul has reached the end of his tether and wants to go back home; Casey is horrified at the prospect of losing a rent-free home, so he comes up with an idea to help Paul's career and make some money. Since works by dead artists tend to fetch higher price tags and command more interest than work by living painters, Paul will fake his death with Casey's help and they'll both clean up. The plan works at first, until Casey finds he's been accused of murdering Paul

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The Art Of Love

Also known as:  
Bei Madame Coco  

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