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  The Friend of the Jaguar  


Year: 1959
Country: Italy
Running time: 98 mins.


Walter Chiari
Isabelle Corey
Carlo Romano
Mario Carotenuto
Carlo Delle Piane
Alberto Talegalli
Toni Ucci
Giuseppe Robby
Elke Sommer
Anna Campori

Written by:
E. Anton/G.Bennati

Directed by:
Giuseppe Bennati

Produced by:


A young man, penniless and unemployed, arrives in Rome to be with his fiancee. The young woman's uncle, however, cannot imagine that the two will ever have a future together. Unable to find a steady job, the young man joins a group of pickpockets. The first time everythings works out just fine so they continue what they started doing until one day, when they are running out of luck.

Elke Sommer in her FIRST film!

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The Friend of the Jaguar

Alternative Titel:  

L'amico del giaguaro  
(Original title)  

Friend of the Jaguar, The  

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