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  The Naked and the Brave  


Year: 1959

Germany, Mexico

Running time: 97 min.


Horst Buchholz
Mario Adorf
Helmut Schmid
Elke Sommer
Alf Marholm
Werner Buttler
Dieter von Keil
Panos Papadopulos
Edgar O. Faiss

Written by:
Hans Jacoby
Werner Jörg Lüddecke

Directed by:
Georg Tressler

Produced by:
Universum Film (UFA)


After a line of mischief Philip Gale, an American sailor, is lured into hiring on the "Yorikke", a tramp cargo, by Lawski, a stoker from Poland. Still, the two become friends within the motley crew of losers from all nations. Gale and his new companion soon are more than disillusioned: the "Yorikke" is far from seaworthy and more of a coffin than a ship, work is close to slavery, and treatment by the officers and their subalterns is harsh and cynical. One day they make an alarming discovery in a tin of plum butter they have procured from the ship's cargo...

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Das Totenschiff

Also known as:  

Les Mutinés de York  
Ship of the Dead  
Naked and the Brave, The  

Totenschiff, Das  
(Original title)  

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