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  The Net  


Year: 1975
Country: Germany
Running time: 100 min.


Heinz Bennent
Elke Sommer
Klaus Kinski
Carlo De Mejo
Maria D'Incoronato
Mel Ferrer
Andrea Rau
Willi Rose
Franz Rudnick
Susanne Uhlen
Sabine von Maydell

Written by:
Hans Habe
Manfred Purzer

Directed by:
Manfred Purzer

Produced by:
Roxy Films


The aging writer Aurelio Morelli is disillusioned: although the critics like his books, they are barely read. He develops hatred on youth and their depraved moral. One night he goes with a callgirl - and kills her. The police doesn't have a clue, only the unscrupulous sensational journalist Bossi suspects him. Instead of naming him to the police, he persuades Morelli to write about the murder for his paper. Morelli uses the occasion to write his memoirs, in which he confesses lots of other crimes before this last one...

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