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  The Thirst of Baron Blood  


Year: 1972

Germany, Italy

Running Time:
98 min.


Joseph Cotten
Elke Sommer
Massimo Girotti
Rada Rassimov
Antonio Cantafora
Umberto Raho
Luciano Pigozzi
Dieter Tressler

Written by:
Vincent Fotre

Directed by:
Mario Bava

Produced by:
Dieter Geissler


In Italian director Mario Bava's sumptuous Technicolor Gothic horror classic an American student Peter Kleist travels to Austria on summer holiday to learn more about his family roots. By reciting an incantation on a piece of ancient parchment, he succeeds in scaring up a genuine ancestor - Baron Otto von Kleist, a 16th century sadistic nobleman whose appetite for cruelty earned him the nickname "Baron Blood." Before Peter can reverse the incantation, the parchment burns ...

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Baron Blood

Also known as:  

Gli orrori del castello di Norimberga   (Original Title)  

Torture Chamber of Baron Blood, The  
Chamber of Tortures  
Blood Baron, The  
Baron Blood  
Thirst of Baron Blood, The  

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