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  Ti dirò... che tu mi piaci  


Year: 1959
Country: Italy
Running time: 102 min.


Mario Carotenuto
Elke Sommer
Anthony Steffen
Giacomo Furia
Yvette Masson
Benedetta Rutili
Mario Ambrosino
Giuliano Mancini

Written by:
Lucio Fulci
Vittorio Vighi

Directed by:
Lucio Fulci

Produced by:
Era Cinématografica


When a promising record company president is arrested, his daughter takes over his company to promote her own rock and roll music by promoting various young singers.

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Ragazzi del Juke-Box

Also known as:  

Jukebox Kids, The  
Ti dirò... che tu mi piaci  

Ragazzi del Juke-Box  
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