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  Violent Ecstasy  


Year: 1962
Country: France
Running Time: 81 min.


Elke Sommer
Pierre Brice
Christian Pezey
Vittoria Prada
Jenny Astruc
Agnès Spaak
Michèle Bardollet
Robert Drame
Michel Gordon
Brigitte Suard
Lionel Bernier
Conrad Pringle

Written by: Jacques Aucante

Directed by: Max Pécas

Produced by:
Contact Organisation


In the luxurious world of the South of France a young man falls in with a group of very wealthy and attractive bon vivants who live a pleasure-filled existence on the Cote d'Azur. Soon he must choose between two women - wild Elke and a shy actress - without igniting an explosion because of the sexual tension that exists in the group.

Featuring a scintillating score by Charles Aznavour with help from singing idol Johnny Halliday.

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Also known as:  

Sie nennen es Liebe  
Sweet Ecstasy  
Sweet Violence  
Violent Ecstasy  

Douce Violence  
(Original Title)

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