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(Original title)   Zeppelin  


Year: 1971
Country: Great Britain
Running time: 97 min.


Michael York
Elke Sommer
Peter Carsten
Marius Goring
Anton Diffring
Andrew Keir
Rupert Davies
Alexandra Stewart
William Marlowe
Richard Hurndall
Michael Robbins
George Mikell
Clive Morton
Gary Waldhorn

Written by:
Donald Churchill
Owen Crump

Directed by:
Etienne Périer

Produced by:
Getty & Fromkess Corporation


Europe 1915: The German army has a new silver bullet and its name is "LZ 36". The airship soars so high above enemy territories that it is unreachable for any aircraft. German born Brit Geoffrey Richter-Douglas (Michael York), seemingly a defector, is transferred to the airship center Friedrichshafen. And, low and behold, Geoffrey manages to board the prototype, which sets out towards Scotland, on a secret mission...

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